Scott Blackmer

Scott Blackmer values curiosity and kindness, so he has not had a quiet life. The urge to explore has always had him roaming unmarked paths, unfamiliar cities, obscure books and sites (digital and ancient). He often comes across hurts or wrongs that need to be put right.

So, along with accumulating bruises and narrow escapes (such as nearly walking over a cliff at night, or drowning in a flooded river, or stumbling alone into a gang covered with neo-Nazi tats in a dark backstreet one night in Berlin), there has been a long string of well-meant interventions: rushing to save an injured bird or bullied schoolmate, protecting a woman threatened by a knife-wielding addict, winning a class-action discrimination lawsuit against a health club chain, compelling the authorities to improve conditions at a youth detention facility located next to the city dump.

Scott doesn’t have an orbiting AI to help him, like his character Jon Traynor, but angels must have had a hand. Certainly, these include his wife Barbara and their children, who have shared and inspired many of these real-life adventures.
Like Jon Traynor, Scott also sadly lacks superpowers. He has to sweat to stay reasonably fit, working out and running five miles a day, studying endlessly to practice law internationally in seven working languages and keep up with developments in his fields, chiefly information technology law.

So why does he write stories, too? For the sheer joy of it!

photo credit: J Brunner Fine Art,