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Traynor’s World™ is a young adult science fiction series set on the planet Colony, settled some 500 years earlier by an ark ship fleeing mankind’s obliteration…


The Map

Enjoy this full-colored map of Colony’s one great Continent, beautifully rendered by artist Hugo Solis of Guadalajara, Mexico.  You can find a gallery of his work for fantasy and science fiction publications at  Hugo is working on detailed maps for upcoming Traynor’s World books as well.  Look for them here!

Easter Eggs


Solve the codes, puzzles, and challenges associated with Traynor’s World™. Astute readers can report the Easter Eggs they have discovered in the books.

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Side Stories

Get an exclusive look at backstories about characters in the Traynor’s World™ books and previews of upcoming books in the series.

The Author

Scott Blackmer

Scott Blackmer values curiosity and kindness, so he has not had a quiet life. The urge to explore has always had him roaming unmarked paths, unfamiliar cities, obscure books and sites (digital and ancient). He often comes across hurts or wrongs that need to be put right…

Scott Blackmer

Author of Traynor’s World™

The Blog

Research … when you can’t just make it up

Some people think writing fiction is easy, because you just make it up, right? Not if you want it to make sense. Even the made-up parts have to be grounded in physical and emotional reality, and that requires thinking through the details - and sometimes research. As a writer, I want the reader to identify with the characters and imagine ...


We've started recording the audiobook version of Traynor's Education at Sonic Pathways in Salt Lake. My son David Blackmer (a corporate marketing director with some acting experience) is having fun with this, since his usual audience is his daughter, who also makes him "do voices" for the different characters in a story. The "Foreign ...


Traynor's World™ is partly in the steampunk tradition, because it's a world colonized from Earth that lost its higher tech and is just now getting back to the age of steam and electrics but has aspirations to recover "older" advanced science. So, lots of room for invention, and there's a scramble for power and advantage, as in the days of the ...


Since the paperback version of Book 1, Traynor's Education went up on Amazon, I've been asked how the idea for a young adult series came about. It started with the imaginary map (I always made up maps and collected historical atlases) and storytelling to our kids and grandkids over the years. Most of the stories were in today's world, but in ...